Off the Leash with Daisy and Rebecca

Our clients tails – the leash is yours!

Daisy as a wee pupAlmost 6 years ago, I was visiting some friends and I met Daisy’s mother when she was pregnant. I met Daisy herself when she was about 7 weeks old, and she was given to me when she was 9 weeks. Best gift ever. She was the only pup in the litter.

At 8 months I noticed she started limping, and in a few more months she was diagnosed with elbow dysplasia in her left leg and severe arthritis in her right. She had surgery when she was a year and a half for the dysplasia and cleanout of the other leg, and the surgeon warned me that around age 5 I’ll start to notice her limping again.

She was a very active dog, running, swimming, hiking, playing…blissfully unaware.    daisy at the beach

Just before her 5th birthday, the limping started again. I was sure she had been out of the room when the surgeon said to expect issues when she turned 5, but as a German Shepherd, she has superior hearing, so anything’s possible with her.

I had heard about Becky Lewis and her non-invasive therapies when she was still providing Therapy at a facility in Carmel Valley. I knew swimming would be a great way to allow Daisy to get low-impact exercise and strengthen those joints, and we started going to Motiv K9 Fitness Therapy in October 2013.  Becky Lewis and her staff (love them all!) gave her a thorough evaluation and agreed that Swim Therapy was the best course of action.

Daisy got her life back. We continued to do some pretty good hikes and walks (1-3 hours, on and off-leash), and she would engage in some strenuous activity while playing with her many friends. In addition to swimming for a half hour twice a week through the Motiv Swim Fitness, we recently included some Laser Therapy, hoping to offset future issues.  It is working great.

daisy in dooglesAfter a couple of adjustments to her medications and continuous Swim and Laser Therapy, Daisy continues to be an active, healthy, happy dog.


For more information about Motiv K9 Fitness Therapy  please visit our website  www.MotivK9.com


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